What Happens When We Don’t Give Up

what-happens-when-we-dont-give-upI remember when I was in the 5th grade I was having an awful time with algebra. Many nights I would find myself sitting down with my Dad being tutored in algebra, or should I say, “tortured by algebra.” For some reason it was not making sense. I dreaded the lessons. I thought it was one of those crazy things you learn in school that you will never use again.

One day that changed. I remember being in the living room with my father as he was going through that night’s lesson. I finally understood. I’m not sure what happened that caused me to finally get it but on that night… I got it. For the first time in my life it all made sense.

To this day I don’t remember what was so difficult about algebra or why I could not understand. All of the confusion, anxiety, grief and stress over it were gone in that instant.

Thinking back on that moment today still brings me great joy and a sense of gratitude to my parents and teachers for helping me finally get it. But the real lesson was greater than that: I learned that through hard work and persistence things that were once filled with confusion, fear, anxiety can be accomplished.

I can learn.

I can improve.

Only if I persist.

Throughout my years in ministry I have seen God do miracles in people’s lives because they did not give up…

  • Marriages are restored when couples don’t give up when times get hard.
  • The chains of addiction are broken when the addicts keep coming back despite their failures.
  • God brings prodigal sons and daughters back home when their parents keep praying.

God is not finished working and neither should we be.

I know the task ahead of you may be monumental, but so is our God!

Keep working. Stay at it.

He will bring it to pass.



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