What God Won’t Do for You

I grew up in a pastor’s home and spent many years of my life in church.  After graduating from High School, Ilazy-man attended a Christian College.  For decades, I have heard stories of a God “who can do anything.”  He can calm the storm, heal the sick, raise the dead, feed the 5000 and (to top it all off), walk on water, a feat incidentally, which I have NEVER been able to accomplish.

In church, we sang songs like, “There are no boundaries, no limits to what God can do, to what He can do through me and through you, if you’ll just ask it, and believe that, He is able to do…”

There is one thing for sure that God won’t do or chooses not to do for us;  God does not do our part for us.  In writing that, I mean that there is a certain division of labor when it comes to doing stuff with God (i.e. there are two parts of an active relationship with God):
1)    There is the part that God does and…
2)    There is the part that we do.

What is it that God won’t do for you?
1) God will not do our part for us and…
2) We cannot do God’s part for Him.

God and Moses

1)    God called Moses to Egypt, promised to help and guide Him (God’s part).  Then…
2)    Moses did what God asked him to do by leading the people out of Egypt.(Moses’s part).

God and David

1)    God prepared David for his meeting with Goliath, instilling in David the desire to conquer the giant (God’s part).
2)    David then grabs 5 smooth stones, runs toward Goliath with courage, places one of the stones in a sling and kills Goliath (David’s part).

God and Us

1)    God has called us all to particular tasks.  He has given us a record of His experiences with humanity: the Bible.  He has given us His Holy Spirit that we might know what He wants of us and how he wants it.  Furthermore, he has given us other people to help us on the journey.  These are just a few of the things that God has done.  All of these things comprise “God’s part”.
2)    If we are to do the will of God, then we must do our part.  We must be willing to go when He says go.  We should be willing to step out in faith even when we cannot see all the path that lies ahead.  This is especially true when all within us may be saying, “Don’t do it!”  We will likely never “see” all of the details of the “call to go and do” before we actually GO and DO.

J.P. Morgan once said,“Go as far as you can see.  When you get there, you’ll be able to see further.”

Don’t wait for the perfect day or the perfect time.  At some point we have to GO and DO what God has called us to do.  The good news?  There’s no time like the present.

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