The One List You Don’t Have…But NEED!

There is always a need to create “to do” lists.  These remind us of what needs to be done to achieve our goals.  But there is also another list we all need.  This list reminds us of things that we may not think about as often.

What is The One List You Don’t Have…But NEED!

It is called a “stop doing list.”

What is a “stop doing list”?

It is a list of all the things that we do which keep us from doing the things that we really need to do.  These things may have been a part of our life for many years but need to be ended none the less.

Here are a few suggestions of things to “stop doing”:

Stop spending so much time with people who make you feel miserable.
Stop allowing what others say about you to override what God says about you.
Stop waiting for everything to be just right before you begin.
Stop listening to that critical, condescending and negative voice in your head.

There are things in life we have yet to experience, dreams that have not be realized, and goals that have not been achieved.

We will never experience “the new” until we are ready to end “the old.”

Create your own stop doing today.

You will be surprised how much better your life will become.

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