The Necessity of Beginnings

new-beginningDon’t look down on small beginnings because every great achievement started with a small beginning.

The Necessity of Beginnings

“In the beginning, God…”  Genesis 1:1  This is the first 4 words of the Bible signifying the beginning of all of creation.  God’s work had a beginning.  He began by creating.  Throughout time God had other beginnings.

He began a relationship with man in creation.

He began to give man wisdom and direction.

When man separated themselves from God He began the process of man’s reconciliation to God.

He began His time on earth as a baby.

He died on a cross and rose again so that He might begin in us a new creation.

Beginnings are a part of life.  You can imagine a goal, develop a plan, set a deadline and tell a friend.  That will not get it done.   At some point you need to begin.

We can’t arrive at our destination till we begin.  We can’t go anywhere, do anything or achieve anything without beginning.  Go, do, and achieve are all action verbs indicating beginnings.

Are you waiting to see every detail of your plan before you begin? You’ll never see the entire plan ahead of time…begin anyway.

Begin from where you are, with what you have but by all means begin.

Is there something you have been putting off for the perfect time?

Don’t wait…BEGIN!!

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