The Dangerous Side of Hope

Road-Sign-with-Hope-and-Sky-300x225Do you have hope? Having hope in a better future can be a source of comfort today.  It helps us recognize that the place you may be at this present moment is not that place where you have to end tomorrow. Today may be filled with difficulties and unbearable circumstances but tomorrow is coming. Tomorrow can be different.

So you may be asking? What is so dangerous about hope?

Hope can lull us into putting off what we need to do today while telling ourselves we will do it in the future.

If we think it is going to get better through some mystical force we may actually never do anything. You may tell yourself, “I have hope that my _______ will be better in the future.” That may be true BUT if you do nothing about it then there is not much chance of it getting better.

Having hope that you can write a book will not get the book written.

Having hope that the relationship with your wife can get better will not make it better.

Hoping that one day those pants will fit does not reduce your waistline.

Hope will not make your situation better unless that hope is acted upon.

What things in your life are you hopeful about? Are you hopeful about your job, your kids, your relationships or your finances?

So what are you doing today to see hope realized in your life?

Go out today and do something about it.

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