The Art of Listening to Internal Promptings

The-Art-of-Listening-to-Internal-PromptingsOften it is difficult to know what you should do in unusual circumstances. But learning the art of listening to internal promptings will help you in your time of need.  In fact it may just save your life…

The fire department had received a call to go to a house fire on the other side of town.  Upon arrival to the house 3 firemen entered to fight the blaze.

Steve and Eddie were both rookies with less than a year of experience but Wayne was a 20+ year veteran. Their department had a policy of not allowing a rookie to enter a home without a veteran.  Little did they know at the time but that policy would save their lives before the day was over.

After entering the house they saw flames coming up from behind the stove. Wayne directed Steve and Eddie to spray the water in that area.  But the water did not reduce the flames.  They left the kitchen and went into the bedroom.  There were flames coming up from behind the bed and Wayne directed them to spray the flames.  The water did nothing to reduce the flames in the bedroom.

Sensing something was not right, Wayne turned to Steve and Eddie and said, “Get out.  Get out now!”  Wayne did not know why the flames would not respond to the water but he knew something was wrong.

Within a couple minutes of exiting the house the entire structure collapsed.  They later discovered the fire was coming from the basement they didn’t know existed.  If Wayne had not listened to his instincts and evacuated the premises all three fireman would have perished in the house.

I am not sure if it was God who told Wayne to get out of the house or whether it was all of his years of fire-fighting experience.  It really does not matter one way or the other.  Either way God provided the prompting to evacuate.

When you encounter an unusual experience there are a couple of things to remember:

1. You know more than you think you know.  You have years of experience and countless memories that can be used for a guide in your decision making. This is true even when you find yourself facing something for the first time. What experiences have you had like the one you are facing today?  Use that experience. Things are not always as “black and white” as we wish but you know more about something than you initially realize.

2. Listen to what you are sensing. You may be hearing things like, “run from this,” “be careful when dealing with him,” or “she seems trustworthy.” Don’t be quick to blow off the messages you have received.  Many times in meeting someone for the first time we have a sense of whether or not that person can be trusted.  There is a reason you have that sense.  Don’t be quick to disregard it.

3. Try to understand why you got the message.  Sometimes this is obvious but not always.  If you are able to discover the reason why, it will help you understand more about your inner prompting and the encounter.  The more you are able to understand why, the more clarity you will have in unusual life experiences.

4. Act on what you sense.  You have been given the message for a reason and one day you may understand why.  Act on it regardless unless you know of a valid reason why you should not.  Being scared to do something is not a reason not to.  Do what you can with what you have been given.

God has not left us alone.  He has given us His Spirit, experiences, and wisdom.  Honor your inner promptings. Honor the messages you have been given.  You know more than you think you know. These promptings have been given for a reason.  Trust God. Trust the messages you have been given. Act on them.

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