Living Above Suffering


Some moments in life cannot be measured in words… I recently visited my Aunt while she recovered from hip replacement surgery.  It just happened that the rehab facility was combined with a nursing home. While there she was invited to a Bible study. After the Bible Study was over the Pastor asked if anyone had any prayer requests. After two requests were given an elderly lady raised her hand slightly to speak. She probably didn’t weigh more than 85 pounds and was crippled, confined only to a wheel chair.  Her spine was twisted drastically to the right and curved down. The twisting and curvature of her spine caused her head to rest a few inches above her right knee.  It is hard to imagine what this felt like to her. No one knew that she could speak.  She had not said a single thing the entire service.

The Example of Living Above Suffering

After everyone else was finished speaking she raised her hand slightly and said, “I would just like to say that God has been so good to me.” My Aunt said, “I can’t very well describe what happened in that room but the Spirit of the Living Lord came in the room in a way that is hard to articulate. Humanly she had the right to feel like God’s stepchild but she knew otherwise.” The pastor and everyone else in the room was taken back by her testimony.  My Aunt said, “Her testimony changed my perspective of suffering.” Though her body was crippled and twisted her relationship with her God was not.

At times we are tempted to only praise God in times of victory.  Stopping to praise God in times of suffering should become “the norm” in our spiritual life. Regardless of our pain or suffering “God has been very good to us.”

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4 thoughts on “Living Above Suffering

  1. This story has changed me and the way I think about suffering and the human condition. Change is hard and hard to really be changed but this story has worked on me in a real and measurable way. Thank you for taking the time to commit it to words and sharing with us all.

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