How To Destroy Your Life In Only 90 Days


How do you destroy your life in only 90 days? I have some great tips listed here. I promise you that this will drastically affect your life well before 90 days.

Here are the 6 easy steps to destroy your life in 90 days.

1.  Remember it is all about YOU

Everything in life is about you. You job is all about you. Your family is only there for you. Let everyone know it is all about you. Don’t hide this fact or attempt to be humble or self-defacing. Refuse to do anything for someone else unless you are forced to do so. What are they thinking asking you for help? It is not about them, it is all about you.

2.  Tell the truth ONLY if it benefits you

Tell them what you think they want to hear or what will make you look good. This will allow you the opportunity to lie, steal, cheat and deceive but admit it. Only admit things that help you and your cause. Truth is only good if it benefits you.

3.  Be lazy

There is never a need to work hard at your job. Only do what they pay you to do but don’t do that if you don’t feel like it. If you are sick or if you think you might be getting sick don’t go to work. When you come home refuse to help with household chores. If you are married, tell your spouse “the chores are not my job”. (You may want to stand back when saying this if your spouse is known for “not putting up with your garbage”.)Everyone owes you.

4.  Avoid anything spiritual

This is a critical step in destroying your life in 90 days. Avoid EVERY FORM of it. Don’t pray, don’t read your bible, leave church out of your life and avoid doing anything remotely close to what God would have you do. You don’t need His advice or direction. You learned on step one that it is all about you anyway. Trust in yourself, not God.

5.  Make decisions based on short term gratification

If it feels good do it. Refuse to think about the consequences. Those are only applicable to other people. Say yes to temptation. You deserve it. If you want a new car charge it.  If you need anything and can finance it, do so. Live by the motto, “If I want it then I can have it by any means possible.”

6.  Only forgive small offenses

Make ever attempt to get even for the wrong done to you. Stay up at night thinking of ways to get even. Once you get really angry, attack them in whatever way will hurt them the most. God can forgive them but you should not. It may hurt someone but they won’t do it again if you make the revenge strong enough.

I am sure you are thinking. “Wow you really have to be messed up to believe all of this stuff.” I agree with you. This article was very difficult to write. Everything sentence in it is either a total lie or a truth mixed with a lie. Why did I write it? I wrote it because many of these things have a way of creeping into our lives. If we are not careful they become a way of life.

Life is not “all about us.”

We should not embrace the truth only when it supports us.

Working diligently at a task is a sacrifice of praise to God.

Spiritual things should not be avoided but valued and practiced.

The desire for immediate gratification is the root cause of most of our problems as individuals and a nation.

Forgiveness should not be selectively practiced but a way of life.

We should forgive just like we have been forgiven.

Today is a day that we have been given by God to draw closer to Him and His work in our lives. The primary determining factor in our spiritual growth will be our response to God and the things He has placed in our lives. Give yourself completely to Him and His will in your life.

Anything less might just destroy your life.

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