The Verdict That Would Change Their Lives

the-verdict-that-would-change-their-livesBoth families waited patiently for the verdict to be read. The verdict that would change their lives. Sam and Mindy had been married for 10 years. They had 3 children. At some point in the marriage Sam began looking for another woman in his life. What began as a lustful thought developed into an affair. In Sam’s mind, Mindy was no longer compatible with him.

The new girl, Cathy, was just what he thought he wanted. She listened to him. She seemed to really love him the way he wanted to be loved. Sam made the decision to cover it up as long as possible.  It only lasted for 3 months before Mindy figured it out.

The Lady Who Swapped Her Daughter for What?

the-lady-who-swapped-her-daughter-for-whatDuring a friend’s Masters Internship she worked for the Department of Human services in Nashville (DHS).  She was placed in the child safety division of the organization. One of her jobs was to check on any children that were in a potentially unsafe environment.

One day someone called the agency from a local, “pay by the week” hotel because a 4 yr old little girl was going from room to room asking for food.  As soon as DHS arrived on the scene they found the little girl and she looked like she not had a bath in weeks.  They asked her where she lived.   She led them to her motel room where they found her mother passed out on the bed due to substance abuse.  She was in no shape to take care of her daughter and the hotel room where they were staying was filthy.

The Fire That Got Out of Control

the-fire-that-got-out-of-controlWhen I was a young boy between 6 and 11 years of age, our family lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Our subdivision was a boys dream.  All of the homes were on 1/2 acre lots surrounding a small private lake.  My friends and I would ride around the neighborhood on our bikes, fish in the lake and play together.  Looking back on it, it was heaven on earth.

What Happens When We Don’t Give Up

what-happens-when-we-dont-give-upI remember when I was in the 5th grade I was having an awful time with algebra. Many nights I would find myself sitting down with my Dad being tutored in algebra, or should I say, “tortured by algebra.” For some reason it was not making sense. I dreaded the lessons. I thought it was one of those crazy things you learn in school that you will never use again.