How To Stop The Inner Critic For Good

how-to-stop-the-inner-critic-for-goodI have two voices that live inside me.  One reminds me of the good that I have done and the things that have worked out well.  If all I had was this inner voice my life would be much better.  My problems come from my other voice.  I call it the inner critic.

The inner critic says things to me I would never say to someone else, always focuses on the negative and refusing to see anything good.  If I spend too much time dwelling on what this critic has to say it can easily make me depressed.

How To Know If God Is Speaking

how-to-know-if-god-is-speakingAfter God said it the discussion began.  “You have got to be kidding me,” I thought.  “That is a CRAZY idea God. I can’t do that.  My wife will kill me.” And the thoughts continued coming.  It is funny how we tend to think that God is “uninformed” when He asks us to do something.

As Christians we want God to speak to us.  We were told the stories of how Moses heard God through a burning bush, how Samuel heard God while lying in the temple,  and how Paul’s message came after a blinding light on the road to Damascus.

How To Start The Day With A Bang

how-to-start-the-day-with-a-bangI don’t know how busy your days are but my day begin before the sun comes up and finishes after the sun is already down.  What if there was a way to start the day with a bang? Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the house with a clear mind and a sense of direction.  It is possible.

Begin your day by doing these 4 easy steps.

What To Do With Feedback, Even If You Did Not Want It

what-to-do-with-feedback-even-if-you-did-not-want-itFeedback is a part of life. Feedback tells us how well we are doing in any particular area of life. It can be a catalyst for growth if we allow it to be. The question becomes what to do with feedback, even if you don’t want it.

What is feedback?

Feedback is an evaluation of our performance on any task or activity. It is what we get back after we have said or done something. Whether the feedback makes us feel good or not, it is best to take the time to respond appropriately. We do not always get feedback when we do something but when we do, we should value it.

Why should we value feedback?